Water System Security 0.3 CEU

Water System Security

MECP Director Approved 0.3 CEU, 3 hour course 

Natural events and intentional acts of destruction that previously seemed unlikely or “low risk” are now important considerations.

All public water systems, from the smallest to the largest, need to take measures to secure their systems and have an emergency response plan for guidance during emergencies.

This course covers a variety of important concepts to take into consideration.

Topics covered during this course include:

–      knowing that there are now new requirements for assessing system vulnerabilities and developing emergency response plans
–      emergencies may result from natural disasters, equipment failure, unintentional human error, or intentional acts such as vandalism or acts of terrorism
–      “cyber vandalism” is also a serious concern and must be taken into consideration
–      understand areas of vulnerability in systems
–      advanced planning increases the likelihood that you will respond in an organized and efficient manner