Water Quality Complaint Investigations 0.4 CEU

Water Quality Complaint Investigations

MECP Director Approved, 0.4 CEU, 4 hour course

Effective resolution of water quality complaints is an important element of the service that a utility provides to its customers. When customers call in they are looking for answers and for help.

At any given time problems can arise from treatment plant or distribution system problems. Customer installed “point of use” devices can also be the root cause of water quality complaints. Until a complete investigation is conducted it must be assumed that conditions in the system are not always under control or fully known.

Not all situations will be the same during an investigation so it is important that an accurate description of the problem is initially recorded when the call comes in and that the investigator arrives prepared to deal with the issue.

At all stages, complete and accurate documentation of the investigation from the initial call to the final resolution must be kept on file for future reference (MECP Municipal Standards requirement).

This course describes some “best practice” methods of complaint investigations for common water quality complaints regarding colour, taste, odour, algae, natural organic matter and air in water.

Investigators that successfully complete this course will be better prepared to perform complete and thorough investigations, much to the satisfaction of the water utility and the customer.