Keeping Distribution Water Safe From Microbial Contamination 0.4 CEU

Keeping Distribution Water Safe From Microbial Contamination

MECP Director Approved 0.4 CEU, 4 hour course 

The primary goal of all water professionals is to provide safe drinking water to the people served by the system. Unless meticulous attention is paid to the operation and maintenance of a water distribution system, serious outbreaks can occur.

There are many ways that distribution system safety can be compromised, the most dangerous being that of microbial contamination. Through a series of best management practices, this course will help operations staff identify and control those risks.

Final confirmation of uncontaminated work is the receipt of acceptable bacteriological test results – but the key draw back to laboratory bacteria analysis is that it can only verify that the water was safe after it was supplied and likely ingested. By the end of this course attendees will have the knowledge needed to improve the chances of obtaining those much sought after acceptable results.

Topics covered during this course include:

– routine work on distribution systems
– emergency repairs
– low or negative pressure events
– ingress through sealing mechanisms
– establishing good public relations