Groundwater Our Most Valuable Resource 0.4 CEU

Groundwater Our Most Valuable Resource

MECP Director Approved 0.4 CEU, 4 hour course 

Groundwater makes up almost the entire volume of the earth’s usable fresh water. The recharge area and capture zone around a well provides natural filtration and natural safeguards for the sub surface water, a source of contamination close to a well can defeat those natural safeguards. As groundwater moves, it carries with it any soluble components which it encounters, including pollutants. It is well documented that groundwater movement spreads the effects of discharges and spills far beyond the site of the original contamination.

Research has revealed that the lack of groundwater protection can lead to a variety of health problems in both animals and humans. It is that light that federal and provincial governments have passed legislation that helps protect groundwater resources. This course gives students an understanding of the rational of those legislative requirements. Additionally, students will be introduced to terms such as drawdown, evapotranspiration, groundwater formation, infiltration, mining, overdraft, percolation, permeability and porosity.

At the conclusion attendees will have gained an appreciation of the importance of groundwater management and understand why well maintenance is important.