Disinfection of Water Mains and Storage Facilities 0.4 CEU

Disinfection of Water Mains and Storage Facilities

MECP Director Approved 0.4 CEU, 4 hour course 

This course deals with two important aspects of distribution system operation, the first being water main disinfection. As infrastructures age and begin to fail, older cast iron water mains are upgraded to newer material (generally plastic). Gone are the days when all you did was install a new water main and hang your hat on the first set of clean bacteria results before turning on the valve. This course takes the process step by step to an entirely new level. Discussion of up front performance based requirements from the preparation of tender documents to the final disinfection and commissioning of the new water main are discussed. Rational for all stages is thoroughly discussed. 

As MECP system maintenance expectations increase, so also does the frequency of tower and reservoir inspections, repairs and re-commissioning. This section of the course covers the process from the setting of frequencies to the final disinfection and re-commissioning. A review of bacteriological parameters and their specific purposes are also discussed.

Successful completion of this course allows operations staff the knowledge and confidence to see projects through to satisfactory completion even under the toughest of circumstances.